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  • Post Date: November 7, 2023
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Consultancy for Sector Analysis

Human migration within and outside countries has been a cause for global concern, especially migration resulting from conflicts. The rising number of internally displaced (IDP) and refugees in Nigeria, especially in the northeast region of the country, due to prolonged insurgency has significantly altered the sociocultural milieu of the region. The displacement has been observed to have negative effects on both the displaced people and their host communities thereby negatively impacting the social cohesion of the people. The poor adaptation of the displaced to the unfamiliar environment due to the lack of basic support needed and the host community’s perception of IDP as a threat due to limited resources to accommodate the new entrants often snowball into subtle crises. Additionally, gender differential effects of displacements and lack of social cohesion have been observed as putting women, children, and people with disabilities at more disadvantage thereby increasing their vulnerability.

In view of these challenges, Oxfam, CEPAD, CRUDAN and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH with funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is implementing an eight (8) monthly project. The project aims to establish a comprehensive local integrational approach to bring all community members on the path of sustainable growth with the active involvement of the communities concerned and relevant government and non-governmental structures in Michika LGA.

The main objective of this project is to increase citizen participation and strengthen social cohesion through the delivery of community-driven development interventions in 16 wards of Michika LGA in Adamawa State. Specifically, the Community Development Planning (CDP) in Michika Local Government will focus on bringing together various community actors, vulnerable groups, women and men of different ages and socio-economic backgrounds at the ward level to plan for their communities’ development through a participatory bottom-up planning process.  Through this process, a community will be able to address its problems, reacts to change, determines its future, and improve citizen’s quality of life.

The overall objective of the sector analysis is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of all sectors in Michika LGA with a special focus on Agriculture and Food Security, Conflict and Security, Social

Protection, Gender, Physical Infrastructure, Health, Education, Water and Sanitation, Economy and Livelihood, Climate Change, and Green Economy. This will be done with a view to identifying existing gaps and strengths in each sector in relation to service delivery.

The specific objectives of the Sector Analysis includes:

  1. To assess the condition and prospects of each sector in Michika LGA and provide a detailed description of the status of analyzed sectors in relation to their performance in providing services to the people.
  2. To identify challenges and opportunities within these sectors.
  3. To assess the performance of each sector as it relates to meeting the service delivery needs of citizens across the 16 wards of Michika LGA.
  4. To highlight the current problems faced by each sector and highlight possible solutions leveraging the available resources based on the community development plan.
  5. To provide insights and data to inform decision-making by local authorities and relevant stakeholders.
  6. To map and analyse opportunities for engagement available to each sector including resources and tools that can be leveraged by actors in each sector for the positive improvement of the sectors.
  7. To make recommendations for policies, programs, and projects to address the identified challenges and leverage opportunities.


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