Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Invitation to Tender
  • Post Date: January 18, 2024
Job Description

Nuru Nigeria is a locally Led NGO with affiliates in the US, Kenya, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso. Nuru equips local leaders with tools and knowledge to lead their communities out of extreme poverty by integrating impact programs that address the most prevalent and fundamental challenges of extreme poverty around four areas of need: Hunger, Inability to Cope with Financial Shocks, Preventable Disease and Death, Lack of Access to Quality Education for Children.

Location: Adamawa

Job Field: Procurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain

The opening and examination of tenders is for the purpose of checking whether the  tenders are complete and whether the tenders are generally in order.

S/N Item Description Technical Specifications Quantity
1 Flipchart Stand Size: Depth 50cm 16
2 Flip chart Paper Size 58×8 feet by 30cm 400
3 Magnetic white
boards and Makers
Size: 4×8 feet (set) 32

Tender Process;

The following processes will be applied to this Tender:

  • Tender Period
  • Tender Closing
  • Tender Opening
  • Administrative Evaluation
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Financial Evaluation
  • Contract Award
  • Notification of Contract Award

The subsequent evaluation of the tenders shall be carried out in Yola by an Evaluation Committee made up of representatives of Nuru Nigeria.

Tenders will be evaluated on the criteria listed below:

  • Compliance with Nuru Nigeria Procurement terms and conditions. (Administrative)
  • Prices based on best value for money of items requested. (Financials)
  • Adherence with technical specifications requested. (Technical)
  • Quality of the product. (Technical)
  • Delivery Lead-time. (Technical)
  • Similar past experiences with NGO/UN agencies. (Administrative)
  • Availability of physical presence (Operational Office/shop). (Technical)
  • Adherence with NN Payment Terms and Conditions. (Technical)
  • Validity of the offer. (Administrative)

In the interests of transparency and equal treatment and without being able to modify  their tenders, bidders may be required, at the sole written request of the evaluation  committee, to provide clarifications within forty-eight (48) hours. Any such request for  clarification must not seek the correction of formal errors or of major restrictions  affecting performance of the contract or distorting competition. Any attempt by a bidder to influence the evaluation committee in the process of  examination, clarification, evaluation and comparison of tenders, to obtain information  on how the procedure is progressing or to influence Nuru Nigeria in its decision concerning the award of the contract will result in the immediate rejection of the  tender. No liability can be accepted for late delivery of tenders. Late tenders will be  rejected and will not be considered

Method of Application

The tender package can download from the link in this publication.

It shall consist of two categorizations, Admin/Technical documents and Financial offer  separately. Documents should be dully filled, signed and stamped.

Order of arranging documents

  • Administrative and technical document should be put in the same envelope and marked “Administrative and Technical”
  • Financial offers should be placed in a different envelop marked “Financial offer”
  • All copy placed in a sealed non-identifiable envelope.

This sealed non-identifiable envelope shall be titled: Tender for the Purchase of Stationary: ITB-2024-007

NB: Only bidders that pass Administrative and Technical evaluation will proceed to Financial Evaluation. The tenders can be submitted through the following:

Hand delivery of Physical bids receipt to the following address:

Nuru Nigeria – Yola Office
Plot No: Plot K46 Karewa GRA Jimeta Yola
 Between 8:30 am- 5:00 pm.

For e-bids submissions By Email to the following email addresses:  To with the title Tender for the Purchase of Stationary: ITB-2024-007“.

Whichever format is chosen, offers must be received by no later than the 2nd February 2024 at 5:00 PM.

NB: Late bids submission will not be accepted, and will be returned to the Proponent or discarded. Also, all bids will be irrevocable after the Call for Tenders closing date

Content of Tenders

The Tenderer must provide all the documents provided by NN in the tender package  with other documents requested by NURU NIGERIA in compliance with the  requirements set out. The proposal shall include, as a minimum:

  • NN Supplier registration form” and Code of conduct duly completed. These NN forms  should be completed with all required information and the below to be provided
  • accordingly.
  • Proof of company registration in Nigeria (CAC certificate);
  • Current Tax Payment Certificate;
  • Quotation or detailed Price offer.
  • SCUML certificate or proof of request from EFCC.
  • Prices offered must be in Nigerian Naira currency.
  • Only Unit price with WHT included will be accepted.
  • Quotation must have a date and validity
  • Quotation must mention mode of payment.
  • Nuru Nigeria’s Code of Conduct filled and signed by the duly authorized person.
  • Proof of similar past experience working with INGOs and/or UN Agencies with two (2) relevant employees of such organizations as a reference