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Call for Proposal
  • Post Date: December 11, 2023
Job Description


Since 2018, the John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP), Baltimore USA, has received USAID funding, under the Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria (BA-N) project, to Implement social and behavior change Interventions in Nigeria across 12 states and the Federal Capital Territory. This project works with the Federal and State Ministries of Health to build their capacity in social and behavior change (SBC) leadership and implement cutting-edge social and behavioral interventions to improve the health and well-being of Nigerians across a broad array of health areas, including Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health and Nutrition (MNCH+N), Reproductive Health, Family Planning, Malaria, Tuberculosis and COVID-19. BA-Nigeria has been supporting the Government of Nigeria, through USAID funding, to implement TB SBC and “Check Am O” media campaign in Nigeria. The objective is to increase the proportion of people who know about TB, where to test for TB and are confident to go for a free TB test or refer others who have symptoms suggestive of TB to go for the TB test. The “Check Am O” media campaign has been implemented nationally and in various states in Nigeria to varying degrees since December 2020. Animated TV spots in 5 major languages were used though the Igbo language version was less used because BA-N has little presence in the South-East region except Ebonyi State. In addition, media engagement was used in 8 implementing states to strengthen health producers’ knowledge about TB and the national TB hotline, 3340.
BA-N has also implemented community strategies in 8 states in Nigeria to strengthen knowledge about TB and increase utilization of the TB hotline and TB diagnostic services. Community engagement is also focusing on increasing support for those on treatment for TB and reducing stigma.
BA-N conducts periodic omnibus surveys to measure recall of exposure to media products to guide programming. However, there is no current data to measure to what extent people know about TB, where to test for TB, the knowledge of the TB hotline, the prevalence of TB stigma, and other relevant social and behavioral determinants. BA-N will facilitate a stakeholders’ meeting to agree on the data collection tool.

Scope of Work
BA-N seeks to engage the services of an independent research agency in Nigeria to conduct the following activities:
• Develop an updated timeline of data collection and analysis of polling activities and share it with BA-Nigeria.
• Review polling methodology with BA-Nigeria research and TB teams.
• Work with BA-Nigeria, USAID, NTBLCP and other relevant stakeholders to update the draft data collection tool.
• Provide experienced pollsters to conduct the phone polling, based on experience conducting similar polls.
• Provide experienced supervisors to ensure quality assurance of phone polling implementation.
• Conduct training for the data collectors and supervisors using a curriculum and agenda that will be shared with and approved by BA-Nigeria. BA-Nigeria team will conduct quality control checks from time to time as needed. This may include participating in training sessions, observing data collection processes, etc.
• Translate audience insight polling questions into relevant languages across English, Pidgin, Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba as a minimum and match pollsters with respondents based on languages spoken.
• Plan and deliver national and state level audience insight polling and analysis on the opinions, attitudes and behaviors related to TB.
• Conduct 1 round of national polling to a sample of 4,500 in January 2024.
• Create the codebook for the dataset with information on the variable and value labels for the survey.
• Manage the process to ensure quality, complete and clean data.
• Conduct insight analysis using relevant multivariate analysis and other statistical techniques that fits the data collected, and present to relevant stakeholders.
• Submit raw fully labeled data sets following data cleaning in MS Excel, SPSS or STATA formats.
• Submit the analysis reports of insight polling in PowerPoint for TB (full slide deck and summary slide deck) after incorporating comments from the presentation.

The contracting agency/consultant will be responsible for the following deliverables:
• Timeline of updated data collection and analysis of polling activities with BA-Nigeria (submitted with SOW)
• Training slides and report
• Final approved questionnaire for the polling
• Raw fully labeled data sets following data cleaning and each round of a national and state level survey in excel, SPSS or STATA formats including codebook.
• Analysis reports of insight polling in PowerPoint.
• Presentation package containing a full slide deck and a summary slide deck.
• Conduct one round of further analysis as requested by BA-Nigeria or its founder of NTBLCP and prepare a report.
• Slide deck of any additional deeper analysis that may be requested by BA-Nigeria or its partners.

Selection requirements include the following. Eligibility Criteria:
All bidders must show their eligibility to participate in this procurement by providing copies of the following documents.
• Legal Certificate of Incorporation in Nigeria – Submit as a single document with no other attachments.
• Tax Identification Certification-submit as a single document with no other attachments.
• Company Profile of not more than 5 pages; with verifiable business address, valid email with telephone numbers and point of contact for the organization.
• Evidence of Agency’s physical address (copy of tenancy agreement or any other bills or sites may be included).

Evaluation Criteria:
Proposals will be evaluated according to the quality of the technical and financial proposal, and essential requirements, described in more detail below:

Technical Proposal
The technical proposal must be submitted in the following format and include the following categories of information below.

Detailed technical proposal: That must discuss or describe the following among other relevant items:
• Proposed polling methodology
• Proposed data quality assurance methods and measures
• Data security and how potential ethical issues will be addressed.
• Measures to ensure that data is as representatives as possible.
Agency capacity: Please describe how or why your agency is best suited to take on this assignment. Please address the following areas
• Organizational capabilities statement with relevant survey experience.
• Expertise of key personnel with relevant survey experience.
• Describe 3 samples of similar surveys successfully conducted in the past

Financial Proposal
Please provide a detailed budget for the proposed work and a budget justification note. The budget should reflect the cost for the 1 round of national polling to a sample of 4,500 people.

• Please provide three (3) references with complete contact information for whom similar surveys have been completed in the last 5 years.
Proposals will be evaluated based on the following essential requirements:
• Provision of all required documents and at least 5 to 7 years running as a research agency in Nigeria.
• Proposal must demonstrate the capacity to accomplish BA-N scope of work above shown from the quality of the technical proposal.
• Agency capacity-demonstrates requisite experience ( including references)
• Samples of past work with all 3 examples listed in the technical proposal section.
• Price reasonableness of the agency fee

Ensure that your proposal addresses all elements listed in the table below.

Proposed polling approach – to be assessed on the quality and appropriateness of the proposed survey methodology based on the scope of work on this RFP, sampling techniques, respondents’ selection, data collectors training, how to ensure representativeness of the survey sample 20 points

Quality assurance measures – to evaluate the agency’s strategies and processes for ensuring the quality and accuracy of data collection 10 points

Data security measures – to examine the agency’s policies and procedures to protect the confidentiality and security of collected data. 10 points

Organizational capabilities statement, with relevant survey experience – to evaluate the agency’s overall capabilities, including their track record, resources, and expertise in conducting similar surveys. 15 points

Experience of key personnel, including relevant survey experience – to qualifications, experience, and expertise of the agency’s key personnel who will be involved in the survey. 10 points

Budget – the Budget should include agency fee if any and should be supported with justification notes. Budgets will be assessed for reasonableness and adequacy of the proposed budget for conducting the survey. Justification notes should explain the rationale behind the budget allocation. 20 points

Quality of reference provided by previous clients – quality of feedback from references 15 points
Total 100 points

Submission of Quotes: All bids must be on the company’s official letterhead, duly signed and dated and emailed to .Please ensure that proposals capture all the requirements for selection. Any questions should be emailed to the procurement teams at and response to questions will be shared with all bidders. Any bids received without following the submission instructions will be disqualified. Only shortlisted vendors will be contacted for further discussions.

Bids should be addressed to
Deputy Project Director, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Telephony Surveys Contract for Breakthrough ACTION – Nigeria

Payment Terms
Please state your payment terms while quoting. However, JHU’s preferred term is full payment after receipt of services, when all invoices and certification of services have been received.
BA-N is VAT-exempt, so please do not include VAT fees when quoting. Also note that BA-N will deduct Withholding Tax at the applicable rate (10%) from the total value, to be remitted to FIRS.

BA-N reserves the right to consider any quotations received before the end of the deadline. Any deviation from the specifications contained in the RFQ will lead to the vendor’s.

An award will be made to the responsible applicants whose application(s) best meets the requirements of this RFP and the selection criteria contained herein. Issuance of this RFP does not constitute an award commitment on the part of CCP or its funding agency. Applications are submitted at the risk of the applicant and all preparation and submission costs are the applicant’s expenses. Applicants must provide all required information in their application or may be deemed non-responsive.

JHU reserves the right (but is not obligated to do so) to enter discussions with one or more applicants to obtain clarifications, additional details, or refinements in the application. Oral discussions may be conducted. JHU reserves the right to award either the entire scope of work to one applicant or a partial scope of work to more than one applicant.