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Project Management Training for INTERSOS Managers

Solicitation Title Project Management Training
Proposal/Budget Submission and Correspondence E-mail :
ToR Closure Date: October 31 2023
Evaluation of Proposals November 3 2023
Activity Date November 2023

(1.0)  Background

INTERSOS is an international humanitarian organization, founded in Italy, which operates on the front line in contexts of war, violence, extreme poverty, natural or man-made disasters. In its countries of operation, INTERSOS intervenes to assist the most vulnerable populations affected by conflicts, extreme exclusion, and natural and manmade disasters in challenging and hard-to-reach areas, where the humanitarian needs continue to be the greatest and where the humanitarian presence is often weak. INTERSOS has been present in Nigeria since 2016, providing first aid and ensuring that the basic needs of the most affected communities such as protection, food, shelter, medical assistance, and access to clean water, are met. The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Nigeria has its epicenter in the States of Yobe, Adamawa, and Borno. The instability of these areas has left millions of people displaced and without food security. Much of the displaced population survive on humanitarian aid. In Nigeria, we are currently working in the Northeast (Borno, Yobe and the Adamawa States) and in the Northwest (Zamfara State).

(2.0)  Needs Analysis and Scope of Work

INTERSOS is committed to continuous capacity building of its staff and effectively to ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and quality services delivery to the stakeholders we serve. The call for this training has been necessitated by among others the need to continuously improve on donor reporting and report writing based on the recent feedback from the stakeholders including our major donors. It is upon this background and the urgent need to polish up the report writing skills of the core Project Managers and Senior Officers that the training has been initiated. To this end, INTERSOS is seeking the services of a qualified consultant to conduct a Project Management training to the selected Managers within the Nigeria Mission. The training will target 15 key who are expected to be equipped with the needed technical and practical knowledge in the key selected areas of Project Management.

The capacity-building program will cover the following key areas.

(a)     Project quality reporting and report writing skills.

(b)     Project leadership, budgeting, and budget management skills

(c)     Familiarity with project scheduling tools like PERT, workplans and GANTT charts

(3.0)   Purpose

The primary purpose of the training is to equip and sharpen the project management skills of selected Project Managers.

The specific Objectives are:

(a)     To sharpen the project managers’ project reporting and report writing skills.

(b)    Equip the project managers with essential skills in budget development, tracking and overall budget management.

(c)    Enhance the project Managers’ ability to analyze and utilize project management tools and frameworks for better project management.

(4.0)   Consultant’s Key Deliverables

(a)     Technical and Financial proposal for training

(b)     End of Training report.

(5.0)   Duration

The capacity-building training will be conducted over a period of four days (4) and will be in-person training sessions, workshops, and practical exercises to be held in Maiduguri, Borno State Nigeria.

(6.0)   Participants

The participants will be drawn from INTERSOS project focal managers and Senior Officers.

(7.0)   Methodology

The training program will employ a combination of training methodologies, including lectures, group discussions, assignments, practical sessions, case studies, role-playing, and test evaluations. The facilitator (s) can also employ any other interactive
methodologies that will enable participants to grasp the knowledge and concepts being disseminated. Lastly, participants will be encouraged to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in their daily work.

(8.0)   Time Frame of Consultancy:

The Capacity Building for Managers is tentatively scheduled to take place between the 6th to 10th November 2023.

(11)   Expenses:

INTERSOS will provide transport or accommodation for the consultant during the training period. However, INTERSOS will provide meals while in the training location. INTERSOS will not reimburse any incidental expenses.

(12)   Payment:

The compensation payable hereunder will be paid by bank transfer by INTERSOS. Maiduguri office. Payment will be made in the name of the consultant. Progress reports and updates on the capacity-building program will be shared with relevant INTERSOS management and stakeholders as required.

(13)   Payment Coding:

The compensation and expenses for the Consultant will be charged to the following. internal INTERSOS financial codes: BHA 4985VI.A.034 Capacity building for managers.

(14)   Contact person:

Your point of contact while in Maiduguri shall be the Programs Manager- Multisector. Upon work completion, the consultant shall submit final report for review and approval and invoice for payment to the contact person for payment processing.

Prepared by:

Emmanuel John

Deputy Programme Manager


Reviewed by:

Kennedy Odhiambo Ojwang

Programme Manager-Multisector