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Expression of Interest
  • Post Date: January 20, 2024
Job Description


We are one of the world’s leading peacebuilding organisations, with nearly 30 years of experience laying the foundations for peace. We work with local people in over 25 countries around the world to help them build peace, and we advise governments, organisations and companies on how to support peace. We focus on issues that influence peace, including governance, economics, gender relations, social development, climate change, and the role of businesses and international organisations in high-risk places. We work in Africa, south and southeast Asia, central Asia, the South Caucasus, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and north Africa, and have 18 offices around the world. We believe peace is possible when people can live in safety, have fair and effective laws, participate in shaping political decisions, make a decent living and secure their wellbeing.

Consultants, Vendors and Service Providers


In accordance with procurement best practices, the purpose of this request for expression of interest aims to identify qualified, interested consultants, experts and duly registered companies, suppliers and service providers who would express interest in providing any of the below-listed consultancy, goods or services to our office in any of our various locations.

Reference Consultancy/Goods/Services – Sokoto and Benue States
EOI- IA-001 Climate Smart Agriculture, improved agricultural seedlings (Agronomist, Agriculturist)
EOI-IA-002 Application of IT in Peace building and Climate Change Mitigation (Geospatial Mapping, Early Warning and Response (Conflict and Disaster)
EOI-IA-003 Organic Fertilizer (Biochar) supplier
EOI-IA-004 Drip irrigation equipment Supplier
EOI-IA-005 Fish Kiln Supplier
EOI-IA-006 Fabrication of Briquette Moulders/Shed
EOI-IA-007 Greenhouse Farming Expert
EOI-IA-008 Tomato Farming and Processing Expert
EOI-IA-009 Renewable energy expert (Biogas, Solar, Wind)
EOI-IA-010 Dry Season Farming expert
EOI-IA-011 Irrigation Facilities and Equipment
EOI-IA-012 Hybrid and Improved Seedlings
EOI-IA-013 Car hire services
EOI-IA-014 Catering services
Reference Consultancy/Goods/Services – Abuja, Kaduna and Zamfara
EOI-IA-015 Strategic Communications Assessment and development of a Strategic Communication Strategy
EOI-IA-016 Community Security and Justice Plans
EOI-IA-017 Advocacy Planning Workshop among key Stakeholders for taking forward key project priorities – Expert facilitator
EOI-IA-018 Expert trainer for Capacity building sessions for Police Personnel on the Police Act 2020
EOI-IA-019 Expert Trainer to Engage PPROs to enhance knowledge and Skills on the Police Act 2020
EOI-IA-020 Research Lead – Conduct Surveys on Knowledge of Police officers on the Police Act 2020
EOI-IA-021 Data Analyst and Field Coordination (National)
EOI-IA-022 General designs, graphics and Infographics
EOI-IA-023 Photo and videography (Abuja, Sokoto, Benue, Kaduna, Borno, Zamfara)
EOI-IA-024 Sound, digital projection screens and stage setting (Abuja, Sokoto, Benue, Kaduna, Borno, Zamfara)
EOI-IA-025 Research Lead – Conduct Surveys on Perception and attitude of the public on Nigerian Police Force
EOI-IA-026 Expert on Internal Security for a 3-Day High Level Stakeholders Retreat on Policing in Nigeria
EOI-IA-027 Conduct a nationwide mapping to identify and map actors operating within Police Reform space including civil society organizations, academia, media and relevant government agencies
EOI-IA-028 Development of a user-friendly digital platform to consolidate and maintain the database, including information on thematic areas of operations, geographical coverage, ongoing projects and contact details.
EOI-IA-029 Conflict, Security and Stability Experts and SGBV Experts
EOI-IA-030 Policy Advocacy and Engagement Experts
EOI-IA-031 Capacity building for Community of Practice (CoP) members
EOI-IA-032 Flight bookings/Logistics/transport
EOI-IA-033 Catering Services (Sokoto, Kaduna, Benue, Borno)
EOI-IA-034 Printing of materials (Design, Printing and Branding (E.g., manuals, banners, posters, vouchers, reports, stickers, t-shirts, flags etc.)

Important Notice

  • The successful Consultants will sign a contract agreement for 6months while Vendor(s) will sign an Agreement with a set price that shall be for a period of twelve (12) months which may be subject to review.
  • Consultants/Vendors shall be domiciled in and shall comply with all Government Regulations to operate in Nigeria. Vendors shall be regular taxpayers and shall furnish a copy of their operating license/certificate of registration. Vendors shall not be under a declaration of ineligibility for corrupt or fraudulent practices.
  • An expert, consultant or vendor may modify or withdraw their EOI after submission, provided that a written notice of the modification, including substitution or withdrawal of the EOI is received by the Purchaser prior to the deadline prescribed for submission of Expression of Interest. Furthermore, no EOI may be modified after the deadline for submission.
  • In the Bid Form and Price Schedule, as well as in all documents, correspondence, and business dealings relating to this tender, all financial rates and quantities must be expressed in Nigerian Naira.
  • After the screening process, all eligible candidates will be contacted via email.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline won’t be accepted.

Required Documents

To be eligible to participate, the following documentation is required:

  • Certificate of Incorporation / Registration (for vendors and suppliers)
  • Valid Tax Certificate
  • Company profile (including list of key personnel, qualification, and experience, locations main office, branches and/or outlets)
  • Price offering sheet
  • Three references, and
  • Any other relevant document.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified experts, consultants and vendor(s) should send their Expression of Interest (EOI) to on or before the 21st of January 2024 using their Location, Ref. Number and Consultancy Description (as indicated on the list above) as the subject of the email.