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Invitation for Pre-Qualification
  • Post Date: February 8, 2024
Job Description




ECEWS is an indigenous, community based, non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2001. We are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria, as a non-governmental organisation (Limited by guarantee of the Attorney General of the Federation) with registration number 751436.

To further align with the needs of the ECEWS USAID, CDC & GF Projects with the goal of fostering the Government of Nigeria’s capacity at state and local levels to govern and implement HIV/AIDS/TB control programs across Akwa Ibom, Cross River states where ECEWS shall be implementing the minimum service packages (clinical evaluation, provision of PHP service, facility und community retention and medication adherence support) in the various Grunts as ECEWS seeks to align with the UNAIDS 95:95:95 goal of achieving epidemic control in these various States.

ECEWS Nigeria is hereby seeking proposals from interested and eligible companies/vendors based in the above-mentioned states to provide services for the project in the categories listed below.

Successful vendors who meet the prequalification requirements will provide goods and services to the organization within the states as required for a period of one year. This list of preferred vendors will be renewed annually by rebidding.


Reference Number Description of Goods/Service
ECEWS-EOI-01 Car hire and bus shuttle services
ECEWS-EOI-02 Hotel services
ECEWS-EOI-03 Catering services
ECEWS-EOI-04 Photography services
ECEWS-EOI-05 Videography/Audio visual
ECEWS-EOI-07 Office stationery
ECEWS-EOI-08 Printing services
ECEWS-EOI-09 Medical consumables
ECEWS-EOI-10 Laboratory Consumables
ECEWS-EOI-11 Furniture
ECEWS-EOI-12 Electronics
ECEWS-EOI-13 AC Supply. Installation and Maintenance
ECEWS-EOI-14 Office Consumables
ECEWS-EOI-15 Media services (jingles production)
ECEWS-EOI-16 Computer and printer maintenance
ECEWS-EOI-17 Quantity Surveyors
ECEWS-EOI-18 Facility Maintenance (Plumbing, Electrical, Structural repairs etc.)
ECEWS-EOI-19 Branding and Promotional materials (Printing & Design)
ECEWS-EOI-20 ICT Equipment and accessories (Computers, Servers, Routers, Switches, Biometrics, Printers, Projectors, Toners, Cartridges, UPS, Scanners, etc.)
ECEWS-EOI-21 Travel Agency Services
ECEWS-EOI-22 Internet Service Providers
ECEWS-EOI-23 IT Consultants
ECEWS-EOI-24 Telephone Network Providers
ECEWS-EOI-25 Furniture Repairs
ECEWS-EOI-26 Vehicle Maintenance/Services
ECEWS-EOI-27 Cleaning/Janitorial service Provider
ECEWS-EOI-28 Photocopying services
ECEWS-EOI-29 Courier services
ECEWS-EOI-30 Event management and Rental services
ECEWS-EOI-31 Video conferencing facilities
ECEWS-EOI-32 Airtime and Data vendors
ECEWS-EOI-33 Copier and printer maintenance services
ECEWS-EOI-34 Petrol refueling vendors
ECEWS-EOI-35 Medical/Lab Equipment
ECEWS-EOI-36 Communications/PR Consultant
ECEWS-EOI-37 Graphics Artist
ECEWS-EOI-38 Estate Agent/Realtor
ECEWS-EOI-39 Non-Pharmaceutical consumables providers
ECEWS-EOI-40 Provision and maintenance of Internet Network infrastructure & Services
ECEWS-EOI-41 Car part dealers
ECEWS-EOI-42 Office partitioning Installers
ECEWS-EOI-43 Fumigation & pest control
ECEWS-EOI-44 Quantity Surveyors
ECEWS-EOI-45 Renovation/upgrading of Health Facilities
ECEWS-EOI-46 General Insurance Services
ECEWS-EOI-47 Boat Services (Hire, Maintenance, Repairs)
ECEWS-EOI-48 Soft Ware provision and Licensing
ECEWS-EOI-49 Security Service Provider
ECEWS-EOI-50 Foreign Exchange Service Providers (BDC)
ECEWS-EOI-51 Automobile Dealers (Supply, Maintenance, Repairs)
ECEWS-EOI-52 Power Generating Equipment (Supply Maintenance Repairs)
ECEWS-EOI-53 Solar Inverter System (Supply, Maintenance Repairs)
ECEWS-EOI-54 Petroleum Products (AGO & RMS)
ECEWS-EOI-55 Legal Services
ECEWS-EOI-56 Audit Services
ECEWS-EOI-57 Fire & Security alarms, Firelighting equipment and Security Systems (e.g. Fire extinguisher, CCTV etc.)
ECEWS-EOI-58 Repair and Maintenance of Audio-visual equipment, Video, Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) and telephone
ECEWS-EOI-59 Provision of Health Management Services
ECEWS-EOI-60 Software licensing, programming, Installation, Maintenance and Training
ECEWS-EOI-61 Maintenance and Servicing of Medical and Laboratory Equipment

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Existing vendors should consider this EOI as a revalidation exercise and are required to participate, all hitherto existing vendors will be delisted and relisted again through this exercise.


You are expected to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) to location(s) that you have operational presence only. Hard copies of the duly completed expression of interest documents should be bound together, sealed in an envelope, and marked on the top right side with category reference number category description and Location of interest.


All Expression of Interest (EOI) must be submitted to the location(s) of interest as listed below:

 Abuja Office MIDEL Center, Suite 107/108, 302 & 306, Plot 14 off Oladipo Diya Way, Sector Center D, Gudu, Abuja.
Akwa Ibom State Office Plot 549, Nwaniba Road (Opposite Atlantic FM), Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
Cros River State Office 4, Clement Ebri Drive State Housing Estate, Calabar, Cross River State
Delta Store Office No. 4 Engr. Edwin Agha Street, Off Ralph Uwachie Road, Okpanam Road, Asaba, Delta State.
Ebonyi State Office No. 5 Obinna Ogba Street, by Onwe Road, Abakiliki, Ebonyi State.
Ekiti State Office 13, Olu Akinyede Street, Beside Bisi Egbeyemi’s House, GRA, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State
Lagos State Office Plot 549, Nwaniba Road (opposite Atlantic FM), Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Osun State Office No. 5 Romoke Edu Street (after ICPC office), Off Olu Aina Road, Ilobu, GRA, Osogbo, Osun State


All applicants are advised to ensure they visit ECEWS website at to download and fill out the ECEWS Registration forms and submit alongside all other company documents. Kindly print, complete and submit same as part of your expression of interest documentation. Email submissions are allowed only via .

Category reference number, category description and Location of Interest should be clearly stated as the subject of the email.



To meet the pre-qualification requirements, kindly ensure submission of the following documents as submission of incomplete information might result ill a rejection of proposal:

Response Part A – Company and Business Information

(1)     Company profile clearly stating history, list of technical personnel and their qualifications and the services offered.

(2)     Evidence of valid registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with (i) Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, (ii) Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association (iii) Copy of forms CAC 2 and CAC7.

(3)     Evidence of updated tax clearance certificate

(4)     Tax Identification Number (TIN)

(5)     Cover Page/Letter on company letterhead – the subject should be indicating the category(ies) of service seeking prequalification for. The letterhead should have the company registered address(s), official, functional emails, telephone numbers and all point of contacts (POC’s) for the company.

(6)     Each submission should include a contact person’s name and number and email address for subsequent correspondence.

(7)     List of technical personnel and their qualifications. (As seen in #1).

(8)     Evidence of professional licenses or certificate of authorization to carry out business in the designated fields (where applicable).

Response Part B – Details/ History of past performance and financial capacity

(1)     Evidence of possession of experience in the line of field/category you are seeking prequalification. The evidence should include copies of completed Job Orders and Proof of Deliveries (Delivery Notes or Job Completion Notification-certificate), LPO’s, Agreements or contracts.

(2)     Evidence of financial capability. (Audited Financial Statement/Management Report).

(3)     Letter of reference from bank addressed to ECEWS.

Response Part C – Pricing information for services/goods offered.

Kindly submit your organization’s price list for all goods/services offered.

Selection Criteria:

EOI’s will be evaluated by a Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will consider the completeness of the submission to ECEW Procurement needs. Evaluators will neither make assumptions nor draw inferences regarding missing or incomplete information. A review will be carried out to determine interested vendors who have the capacity and who offer best value.

Scoring factors: The objective is to choose the applicant capable of providing quality professional services that will help to achieve the goals and objectives in the designated field of interest.

Criteria Possible Points
Company and business information-evidence of proper registration with CAC, provision of required business documents (Response Part A) 20
Conformity of Prospective Vendor to Nigerian tax laws 15
Proven history of satisfactory past performance carrying out similar tasks 10
Evidence of physical presence (office address/location) 15
Demonstration of financial capability 15
Willingness to enter a long-term contract 10
Provision of verifiable proof of registration with appropriate regulatory agencies or provision of current letters of authorization/distributorship where applicable. 15
Total Points Possible 100

Acceptable Score: 70%

Implications of being a vendor in ECEWS PROJECTS pre-qualified vendor database: Being in our pre-qualification database implies the following:

(a)      You can be issued a long-term agreement in line with ECEWS PROJECTS procurement policy for one or more of these categories where you are found to meet the criteria.

(b)     Where ECEWS PROJECTs Nigeria needs items or services you are pre-qualified for, you will be contacted with description of the goods/services and requested to submit a quote.

Vendors will undergo a vendor induction to explain the guidelines and policies of vendor engagement in ECEWS PROJECTS.


(1)     ECEWS is Value Added Tax (VAT) exempted, but deducts Withholding Tax (WTH) in compliance with relevant Nigeria Tax Laws.

(2)     Questions-for clarification on any aspect of this expression of interest advertisement, please send an email to quoting “Expression of Interest Enquiry” as the subject of the email. Kindly quote the reference number for specific details about goods/services/work category(s) of interest.

(3)     As part of the prequalification process. ECEWS will visit the locations of the vendors during a vendor verification exercise to assess their capacity as stated in their submission vis a vis the submitted prequalification questionnaire.

(4)     ECEWS is not under any obligation to register any vendor and only successful vendors will be contacted. This call for Expression of Interest does not amount to a commitment on the part of ECEWS and nothing in this EOI shall be construed to be a binding legal contract.

(5)     ECEWS reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the proposals without any obligation to inform the affected applicants of the basis for the acceptance or rejection. Any subsequent procurement will be governed by ECEWS’s procurement policy and procedures.

(6)     You are expected to limit yourself to where you have experience required documentations and operational presence.

(7)     Any falsification of document to take advantage of the process amount to disqualification and blacklisting for all future exercise. In addition, such falsification will be reported to appropriate authorities.

(8)     A company cannot express interest in more than three (3) categories and must be guided by the following: (a) must have operational presence for each category, (b) must actively operate the business, (c) must express such interest separately for each category with full document and requirement that will make it eligible.

(9)     All prospective suppliers must comply with our Child Protection policy, Environment Safeguarding policy and Anti-terrorism and Fraud policy.


All expression of interest document must be hand-delivered or sent via paid courier or via to above-listed address on or before on or 28 February, 2024, 5pm. ECEWS reserves the right to reject any submission after this time and date.


This call for Expression of Interest (EOI) does not amount to a commitment on the part of ECEWS and nothing in this notice should be construed as a form of binding legal contract. ECEWS reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions without any obligation to inform the affected applicants of the ground for the acceptance or rejection.

The potential and subsequent procurement will be governed by ECEWS Procurement policy, the Expression of Interest advertisement and vendor registration form are provided free of charge to all prospecting suppliers.