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Expression of Interest
  • Post Date: January 30, 2024
Job Description


Shaping a more livable world


DAI, the implementer of the USAID Nigeria State Accountability, Transparency, and Effectiveness (State2State) project, invites qualified applicants to express their interest in the State2State activity. The purpose of the “State Accountability, Transparency and Effectiveness’’ (“State2State”) Activity is to increase the accountability, transparency and effectiveness of selected states and local governments (LGAs) in Nigeria. This will be achieved by: strengthening governance systems (with a focus on public financial management [PFM] and procurement, as well as monitoring and evaluation) related to the delivery of services in key sectors (basic education, primary health care, and water, sanitation and hygiene [WASH]); increasing government responsiveness to citizen needs and priorities; and improving government and civil society capacity to manage conflict (through work on prevention, mitigation and reconciliation with the same sectoral partners, not stand alone assistance to the police or judiciary). The Activity is presently being implemented in the following six states: Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Ebonyi, Gombe and Sokoto. The Federal component of the activity is focused on facilitating national engagements that impacts work in the focal states and local governments.

Consequently, in accordance with procurement best practice, DAI is calling for Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualified, interested and duly established companies, suppliers and service providers in Bauchi and in the States where it operates to participate in the 2024-2025 prequalification of suppliers’ exercise in any of the below listed goods, services or work area(s):

EOIS2S01 Supply of general stationery.
EOIS2S02 Supply of office supplies e.g,, cleaning items, provisions e.t.c.
EOIS2S03 Supply and maintenance of photocopiers, scanners, computers, printers, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), laptops, software, toners and accessories.
EOIS2S04 Supply of branded items and promotional materials.
EOIS2S05 Supply, installation and maintenance of fire and security alarms equipment and security systems.
EOIS2S06 Supply, installation and maintenance of firefighting equipment and materials.
EOIS2S07 Supply of diesel
EOIS2S08 Supply of motor vehicle/cycle parts and accessories.
EOIS2S09 Supply of office furniture’s and fixtures.
EOIS2S10 Provision of catering services.
EOIS2S11 Provision of air travel, reservations and ticketing services.
EOIS2S12 Provision of sanitary, fumigation, pest control and cleaning services.
EOIS2S13 Provision of plumbing services.
EOIS2S14 Provision of internet services.
EOIS2S15 Provision of fleet management systems including tracking services.
EOIS2S16 Provision of electrical services.
EOIS2S17 Provision of courier and mail delivery services.
EOIS2S18 Supply, repair, maintenance services of generators and power stabilizers.
EOIS2S19 Supply and maintenance of air-conditioning installations and services.
EOIS2S20 Provision of hotel accommodation and conference facilities.
EOIS2S21 Provision of legal services.
EOIS2S22 Provision of printing services (visibility materials, book, newsletters, etc.)
EOIS2S23 Provision of general insurance services.
EOIS2S24 Provision of motor vehicle insurance.
EOIS2S25 Provision of security services (guards and security survey).
EOIS2S26 Provision of photography and video graphic and editing, including digital communication services.
EOIS2S27 Servicing, repair and maintenance of vehicles.
EOIS2S28 Provision of car hire and taxi services.
EOIS2S29 Provision of events equipment (tents, chairs and Public Address (PA) equipment).
E OIS2S30 Provision of audit services,

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Existing vendors should consider this EOI as a revalidation exercise and are required to participate. All hitherto existing vendors will be delisted and relisted again through this exercise.


You are expected to submit your expression of Interest (EOI) to location(s) that you have operational presence only. Hard copies of the EOIs documents should be bound together sealed in an envelope and marked on the top right side with category reference number and category description. Example “EOIS2S01-DESIGN AND PRINTING’’ All quotation must be addressed and submitted to the location(s) of interest as listed below:

Abuja office No. 13b Ontario Crescent, Off Mississippi Street, Maitama, Abuja
Adamawa State Office Philip Maken Street, off Gibson Jalo Road, Jimeta Yola, Adamawa State
Akwa Ibom State Office No B73, B-Line, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo Akwa Ibom State
Bauchi State Office 3 Ahmad Abdulkadir Road, (Bank Road), Behind NDIC Office, Bauchi, Bauchi State
Ebonyi State Office No. 5, Town Planning Road (via Local Government Service Commission Premises), Abakaliki, Ebonyi State
Gombe State Office Off Serna Junction. Alone Federal Low-cost Gombe, Gombe State
Sokoto State Office No. 1 Tsafe Road, Off Sama Read, Sokoto, Sokoto State.


All companies and interested suppliers are required to download DAI Vendor Registration Form by sending an email to this address: s2s_eform_registration@dai.com using this subject “Request for Vendor Registration Form”. An auto-responder will email this form to your inbox. Kindly print, complete and submit same as part of your expression of interest documentation. Email submissions are NOT ALLOWED. DAI/S2S reserves the right to accept or reject any application either in whole or in part, and is not bound to give reasons for its decision.


The minimum eligibility requirement and selection criteria are as follows:

(1)          Cover Page (indicating category(s) of interest and related LOT Number(s);

(2)          Company Profile; registered address(s), official/functional emails, telephone numbers and point of contact for the company;

(3)          Evidence of legal registration document of the company (CAC registration certificate, FORM C07 and FORM C02);

(4)          Latest Tax Clearance Certificate;

(5)          Evidence of Financial Capability (Latest Audited Accounts);

(6)          Bank Reference Letter duly addressed to DAI Procurement Committee;

(7)          Evidence of Registration with Professional Organizations, Regulatory Bodies, Manufacturers and/or Certificate of Authorized Dealership and Distributorship with Makes, Brands, Equipment, Machine and/or accessories as it relates to field of business endeavor;

(8)          Evidence of possession of experience in the line of business you are applying for Prospecting Suppliers must provide at least five (5) copies of completed Job Orders and Proof of Deliveries (Delivery Notes or Job Completion Notification) in areas of business endeavor;

(9)          Provide reference letters from at least three (5) reputable organizations, preferably NGOs, attesting to active or past business relationship and level of performance (the letters or lists must have relevant addresses, contact persons, telephone numbers and emails) for due diligence confirmation;

(10)        Potential suppliers/contractors must demonstrate the willingness and commitment to meet the prequalification criteria within the shortest possible time.

(11)        Any other relevant supporting document that could aid your expression of interest.


·         DAI/S2S is Value Added Tax (VAT) exempted but deducts withholding tax (WHT) in compliance with relevant Nigeria Tax Laws.

·         For clarification on any aspect of this expression of interest advertisement, please send an email to: s2sprocurement@dai.com quoting “Expression of Interest/Vendor Registration” as the subject of the email. Kindly quote the reference number for specific details about goods /services /work category(s).

·         As part of the pre-qualification process, DAI may visit the location(s) of prospecting suppliers or service providers to assess their physical presence, capacity and capability.

·         Only successful pre-qualified suppliers would be invited to participate in DAI’s routine Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Request for Proposals (RFP) for the next one (1) year.

·         You are expected to limit yourself to where you have experience, required documentations and operational presence.

·         Any unsolicited attempt to influence DAI’s internal selection process in favour of any company(s) will result in immediate disqualification.

·         A company cannot express interest in more than three (3) categories and must be guided by the following: (a) must have operational presence for each category, (b) must actively operate the business, (c) must express such interest separately for each category with full documentation and requirement that will make it eligible.

·         The successful applicants will be registered on State2State suppliers list for the period April 1, 2024 – April 31, 2025, and the organization will only deal with the firms that are registered.

·         DAI will ensure information that is received from companies and individuals is treated with the utmost confidentiality and shall be for the sole use of the organization.

·         The pre-qualified suppliers are required to immediately advise the organization of any significant change in its financial, technical capacity, ownership or holdings it may have.

·         Failure to submit any of the mandatory requirements for each category will lead to automatic disqualification from the exercise.

·         The supplier’s financial capability will be determined by the latest financial statement submitted with the pre-qualification document as well as letters of reference from their bankers regarding suppliers/contractors’ credit position.

·         Potential suppliers/contractors will be pre-qualified on the satisfactory information given.

·         Special consideration will be given to the financial capability to execute orders.


All expression of interest document must be delivered on or before 5:00pm local time on Monday February 26, 2024.


This call for Expression of Interest (EOI) does not amount to a commitment on the part of DAI and nothing in this EOI shall be construed as a form of binding legal contract. DAI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the submissions without any obligation to inform the affected applicants of the grounds for the acceptance or rejection. The potential subsequent procurement will be governed by DAI’s Procurement Policy and Procedures. This expression of interest advertisement and Vendor Registration Form are provided free of charge to all prospecting suppliers.