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Call for Proposal
  • Post Date: October 22, 2023
Job Description



Christoffel Blinden Mission (CBM) is an international Christian development organization that works to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in the poorest parts of the world, and to prevent avoidable disability. Over the years, CBM International has been supporting the Nigerian government through various implementing partners in interventions, such as eye health, mental health, obstetric fistula and disability-inclusive development. In line with achieving the major objective for this mission, CBM International is soliciting competitive, reputable companies to establish a contract for service providers listed under the scope of services for Nigeria Country Office.

(1)     Purpose of this Request for Proposal;

CBM International Nigeria Country Office is in quest of proposal from intent and qualified companies to provide services for the Country Office. The contract period will be one year with the option to renew for additional one-year subject to satisfactory and professional performance.

Scope of Services;

(1)     Airtime and Internet SUBSCRIPTION (PRFN0:NG-0627-2023-CBM)

(2)     Car Hire Services (PRFN0:NG-0601-2023-CBM)

(3)     Janitoring services (Abuja Country Office) (PRFN0:NG-0628-2023-CBM)

(4)     Janitoring services (Maiduguri Office) (PRFN0:NG-0610-2023-CBM)

(5)     External Auditors (PRFN0:NG-0617-2023-CBM)

(6)     Travel Agents (PRFN0:NG-0600-2023-CBM)

(7)     General Services Providers (PRFN0:NG-0607-2023-CBM)

(8)     Hotels (PRFN0:NG-0602-2023-CBM)

(9)     Insurance (PRFN0:NG-0603-2023-CBM)

(10)   Solicitors (PRFN0:NG-0605-2023-CBM)

(11)   Security agency for Maiduguri Office (PRFN0:NG-0609-2023-CBM)

(12)   Stationaries (PRFN0:NG-0608-2023-CBM)

(13)   Tax Consultants (PRFN0:NG-0606-2023-CBM)

(14)   Printing, supply and delivery services (PRFN0:NG-0604-2023-CBM)

(15)   Supply of Beverages (PRFN0:NG-0649-2023-CBM)

Requirements for Qualification. The offer submitted by the bidder must imperatively comprise the following documents, saved in a PDF format before sending via the stated email. This RFP should include specific information and requirements to ensure that potential vendors or partners understand our needs.

Kindly read the requirements judiciously and be sure that all requested information is included or attached in your submission. Evaluators will neither make assumptions nor draw inferences regarding missing or incomplete information. The submission of half-finished information could result in the rejection of proposal. Proposals should be comprehensive and highlight how the company intends to meet up with our requirements as stated above, in addition to clearly stating service costs and/or rates of commission, proposals should include the following:

·        Must provide evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission and Tax clearance. certificates.

·        Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association.

·        Copy of forms CAC2 and CAC7.

·        Evidence of registration with relevant agencies (Where Applicable) national or international association;

·        Technical capacity, resources available for the assignment.

·        Bank Guarantee/Three years Company audit report is required to confirm credit worthiness and financial capability.

·        Provide verifiable evidence of similar supplies to a comparable international organization, including a description of services rendered.

·        Attached evidence of proof of job completion/delivery notes for similar successfully executed supplies to International organizations.

·        With Holding-Taxes and VAT: According to the Nigerian withholding tax law, CBM International is required to withhold the “subcontractor/vendor” taxes from the gross amount payable to all services.

The bidders are free to send additional documentations/pictures if they are relevant to the context of the Request for Proposal.

How to apply

Interest and eligible Companies should apply with all the requirements. The soft copy bid documents should be submitted in a PDF Format and labeled the email subject ”according to the specific services selected for CBMInternational Country Office and send via email to**: .** For example, the email subject: Request for Proposal (RFP) for Solicitors.

No hardcopy submission of the RFP will be received in the address below.

Address: Christoffel Blinden Mission (CBM) International

No.13 Okemesi Crescent, off Twon Brass Street, Garki 2,

Abuja-FCT, Nigeria.

Deadline for Submission of Bid is: Tuesday, 31 October, 2023 at 11:00pm

(1)     Language for the bids:

The language for the bids shall be English only.

(1)     Notification of the results:

Only the successful bidder will be notified, and if you do not receive email communication within three weeks after the expiring of the deadline for submission, consider your bid unsuccessful.

(1)     Qualification criteria

The Service provider will be selected according to their responsiveness, profile, reliability, financial quote, past experience in supplying the same type of services, prompt delivery timeline, background, payment terms, quality of services.

The completeness of the submission in compliance to the requirements of the Request for Proposal will be considered.


CBM expects all its employees, and the Service provider and all its employees, to adhere to the highest standards of accountability, which requires honest and ethical conduct. CBM prohibits and takes a zero tolerance stance towards all forms of corruption, which includes fraud, theft, embezzlement, unapproved conflicts of interest, false claims, and bribery. In addition to its prohibition of all forms of corruption, CBM prohibits and takes a zero tolerance stance towards its employees or Service Provider:

(1) accepting or requesting any form of bribe from any person or organization;

(2) giving, offering, promising, authorizing or assisting any form of bribe to any representative of any organization, including any government employee or candidate for public office, unless such bribe is

(i) a facilitating or expediting payment the purpose of which is to expedite or to secure the performance of a routine and lawful action AND

(ii) such payment is made under duress, in circumstances where a reasonable person would believe that they have no alternative other than to provide the payment in order to protect life or liberty.

Bribe means (1) anything of any value (2) provided to a person or anyone associated with that person (3) with the purpose of inducing the person to do or omit to do (4) any act in violation of his or her lawful duty, to obtain any improper advantage, or to induce a person who is in a position of trust or loyalty to an organization to use his or her influence to improperly affect or influence any act or decision of that organization.

The Service Provider agrees to abide by the prohibition on corruption and bribery and CBM expects the Service Provider to ensure that its employees, representatives, vendors, contractors (if any) also adhere to this prohibition. The Service Provider agrees to immediately report to CBM any credible evidence of corruption and/or Bribes that: (1) involve funds or resources provided to Service Provider under this Contract or that are in any other way related to this Agreement; or (2) that involve CBM’ Employees. CBM is authorized to report such evidence to law enforcement and/or to CBM’ donors. The Service Provider understands and agrees that a violation of the prohibition on corruption and bribery may, in addition to any other remedies available under this agreement or at law, result in immediate termination of this Contract by CBM, and may also result in Service Provider being determined ineligible to work with CBM in the future

(2)     Disclaimer:

This is only a Call for Proposal, CBM International reserves the right to either amend or cancel it at any time with or without notice. In such cases, CBM International shall accept no liability whatsoever. The prospective bidder is wholly responsible for any and all costs related to the preparation and submission of their Proposals.

Any failure upon these engagements will involve the rejection of the Proposal formulated or, in case, the cancellation of the committed contracts.

(1)     Enquiry

Enquiries or additional information may be made through:

(1)     Christoffel Blinden Mission (CBM) International office at No.13 Okemesi Crescent, off Twon Brass Street, Garki 2, Abuja-FCT, Nigeria.

(2)     By email exclusively to: with the subject stating the reference number.

(3)     By Phone through the following numbers: +234 8036045972.